No one likes to go down on a gorgeous girl's cock more than me, but I have never met anyone more subservient than Wow.
I don't know what she had done, but there she was crying and whimpering in the lockup at the local police station. So what could I do, I paid her bail, and got her out of the cell in only the clothes she was wearing, black underwear and a pink top. The duty officer handed me a pair of handcuffs saying, you'll need these, mate, and gave me a big knowing smirk.
I don't think wide-eyed cute-as-buttons Wow had done anything wrong. She just enjoys giving everything for any guy in uniform or wearing a cowboy hat. Her lush lips and silky hole were always willing. I kneaded her natural hand-sized tits, her stumpy cock flipped over the top of her skimpy black briefs. Wow, now who has arrested my heart?

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