With average Asian torrential rain, Frise was standing in the supermarket doorway sheltering. She was completely drenched and had no umbrella. I asked her if she would like a lift home. As I got closer to her I noticed her nipples clearly showing thru her wet blouse. Ooh, this one is too cute to want to go with me. But what the hell, I had to ask.

To my surprise, she came and stood close to me and put her head on my shoulder, and whispered in my ear, perhaps we can go some place quiet. So I said, lets go back to my hotel room. As she climbed on the back of my motorbike, I saw a flash of a tight black g-string and suspenders.

Ooh, I told her, I haven't seen a girl in suspenders for ages. Yes, she said, but I am more than an average girl.
You can see from the preview page, it is real, you know exactly what you get.