Pinky - Boy To Woman
Pinky was a young man, just about to be married to his sweetheart, when a gang of bikers crashed the wedding day and took Pinky away with them. He was never to be seen the same again.

They used him as a sissy fuck boy toy. And over the period of one year, they gave him hormones and made him dress in six inch heels, stockings, g-strings and skin tight lycra sheath dresses with big false breasts. Gradually his spirit was broken. Now the gang uses her as a ladyboy prostitute to earn them money, and at the same time, she is a useful gangbang toy. Pinky loves to be dominated and fucked by big cocks up her little anal hole.

It is a sad story, but I guess she won't mind me doing a bit of extra tunnel widening tonight, as I have her on load from the gang. They thought it would be the final humiliation to see her on the internet.
You can see from the preview page, it is real, you know exactly what you get.