Captain Dither (AKA Cowboy) verses Star Queen (AKA Weanta).

Star Queen has just landed on Earth, and plans to take over the world using her sexual powers, which were bestowed upon her by evil galactic war laird. She intends to make every healthy male drop to their knees, suck her cock, and pay homage to the High Laird Willy. Captain Dither has taken it upon himself to save the world, and is fully ready to incapacitate her by inserting the finger of power up her one weakness, her rear opening.

Oh, dear, a dismal failure. She has just taken a piss all over his chest. Never mind, we will all just have to put up with ladyboys ruling the earth. They already do, don't they?
You can see from the preview page, it is real, you know exactly what you get.