When I was younger, I always had an urge to put on heels and dresses. And with good makeup, I could pass as a girl, with many guys approaching me. It was not until I got a job at a railway station as a cleaner, that I begun my total transformation.

A gang of boys used to hang around the station at night. One night , just I was changing into my girl clothes, they burst in on me in the toilets, catching me literally with my knickers around my ankles. They tied my arms around the toilet bowl, and one by one, pushed their rock hard cocks up my back pussy, pounding me into satisfying submission. My inner urges gave way. I was shocked, afraid, but moreover, I was intensely excited, and I had my first orgasm from anal penetration.

When they had finished, they untied me and said that I was their sissy bitch now. From the on, they bought me hormones, and got me fixed up with a doctor to see about huge breast implants. Now I would never want to go back, and step happily into my new life as a girl, as a sex object.
You can see from the preview page, it is real, you know exactly what you get.