Jupiter Triplettes
How far can I go, that is my mission, to boldly go where no one without a spaceship would dare to go.

Potential showgirl Jupiter Carrot Head was a real find with her no-shame attitude, and her erect, hard, deep veined love-missile cock that would not look out of place on the incredible hulk. And what about white skinned nimble Jupiter Jet, who finds herself gagging for a breath with a cock in her mouth most of the time. Finally blond haired Jupiter Tattoo was there, so adept at sucking cock, she sucked the other two ladyboys' members as well as my own.

After seriously french kissing my rim, I was surprised how much I further enjoyed Jupiter Carrot Head's finger in my tunnel. With all that pulsating cock around me, it was increasingly difficult to maintain my mastery of the situation. Multiple phalluses and orifices in a variety of colors, but all with a single intent. Ooh, did I really mean to go this far. I had to use two tapes to make this video. See the entire Jupiter Tripplette buggered, sucked, indulged and engrossed on video.
You can see from the preview page, it is real, you know exactly what you get.