Another trained slave care of the 'Black Flippants' motorcycle gang. Keuy was a modest ladyboy bank clerk, pleased to keeping down a good job, and not having to think about sex continuously. When the biker gang raided the bank on their 'Caring For The Elderly' fund raising campaign, they found all the cash had already been misappropriated by the son of the chief executive. So the bikers got away with the only thing of value, Kuey.

Over the following two years, they cultured her into a sex obsessed play machine, and fund raising facility. Kuey was paraded around the nearest beach resort on the back of their modified (and often fake) harleys, and offered to the general public.

The Black Flippants are now proud to have raised sufficient money, thanks to Kuey, for a significant contribution to the needy elderly. Especially as it was most of the needy elderly old guys that porked Kuey in the preceding two years. Watch the video.
You can see from the preview page, it is real, you know exactly what you get.