Aree has been promoted to chief public relations officer with the local office of the United Nations. She has all the right qualifications and knows how to put any foreign dignitary at ease.

Working for an equal opportunities employer, and having more than equal assets, she has rising quickly thru the ranks. She has been seen to be above corruption, and has never taken a backhander, though she has taken quite a lot of back passage.

Aree has just finished comprehensive participating research about the internet, as part of the UN's goal to take over ultimate control of the net. If you wonder why your government is paying its huge yearly expenditures to the UN, see here on video how wisely it is being spent. Save the world, with a compassionate face, throbbing phallus, and plenty of gold jewelry. (Hi all you guys that joined this website using your e-mail address.)
You can see from the preview page, it is real, you know exactly what you get.