The Andro Twins
One night, I was walking along a dark road, deep in the dangerous inner city. The silence was unnerving. In the distance a warm glowing red light summoned, so I made towards it with all possible haste. As I drew near, faint music and the sound of laughter caught my ears.

I entered a small door concealed by a mesh of hanging plastic strips. Inside, it was almost black, but there was an overpowering smell of sex. If the dimness I could make out two slim female forms. They seemed to be restrained somehow, maybe chained, by their necks and ankles, halfway up the wall, almost hanging in mid-air. As my eyes adjusted to the darkness, I glared at them. They both held the same pose, legs wide open, phalluses erect and motionless, and hands held in prayer. From behind me, an animistic voice growled: For their sins, this pair is for rent for the whole night, I guarantee you will have the means to cover the price. I never saw the face behind that voice, I was still looking at their cute faces which seemed to be beckoning me to use them for whatever sinister purposes I had.

Okay, I said, you have a deal. As I uttered this, I had the dreadful realization of the fiend I was involved with. But who cares in my line of work. So you guys, when you ask me where I get my girls, I just say, thou shall seek, and thou shall find.
You can see from the preview page, it is real, you know exactly what you get.