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She was contained in a skin tight sheath dress and super high glass heels. She loved to flaunt her sexuality. Basically, she was a sexual creature of the night. I decided I must follow her.

Keeping my distance, I saw her meet a man. They walked hand in hand for a few hundred yards, then he took his hand, licked his finger with lots of saliva, slipped his hand up under her dress, and popped his pinky up her bottom. They stopped near a small car park. The man said something in a commanding tone, and the ladyboy sank to her knees and unzipped his trousers. Out sprang his thick hairless cock. She looked a little nervous. He compelled her head onto his cock and she complied with well practiced throat massage till he came. Still kneeling, she let the sticky cum drip from her smudged mouth onto the sidewalk. The man zipped up his fly, and quickly left the scene.

This was Blackie at work. I had just cum in my pants from watching her, now I needed more. Blue eyes and a hard cock. Just what you expect in an Asian girl.
You can see from the preview page, it is real, you know exactly what you get.