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Some of you guys have been asking for black plastic outfits, so I have been walking around the streets and red-light districts on a mission. Ignoring anything but black plastic and rubber ware, I was directed by an old man with a dirty grin to go down a dark side street, next to an old warehouse.

Inside the dark building, I could hear the sounds of sex, a girly whimpering noise. As I entered the warehouse I could see a scrawny young guy was begging at gorgeous girl's feet, to let him suck her cock. She just continued masturbating, moaning and stamping on him. His empty wallet was on the floor next too him, ripped and tattered. As he struggled to his knees, I rushed up, and barged him out of the way and grabbed the girl by her buttocks, inserting my index finger up her rectum. This helped move her along, down the streets and back to my room, where I proceeded to have hard, gratuitous anal sex with her.

She knew not to complain, as she was just a piece of meat for my enjoyment. After I finished, I dumped her in the streets at a dark underpass, ready for the next real man.
You can see from the preview page, it is real, you know exactly what you get.