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Download Links    To get the most out of the members area, please use the following programs to help you download the videos and view the photo-sets.


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I recommend you use one of these browsers. Versions are available for Windows and Mac.

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The MPG video clips on this site can be best viewed when joined together using the M3U playlist files. Use Windows Media Player to view the videos. Versions are available for Windows and Mac.

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Do not use any downloading manager, accelerators or insecure downloading agents.

It is a myth that these programs can help your speed of download. There are many security issues with these programs, that make their use bad for you and your computer, and bad for my server and our site.

If against this advice you use these programs, you might find your access to the members area becomes restricted. I have to verify that all my members are real people and not automated 'robots'. This enables me to keep my servers working properly providing a service to you.